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University partners for exchange

Studying in Morocco does not necessarily mean curbing its openness to the world. ILCS is aware of that issue, and therefore, offers unlimited exchange opportunities!
International experience enables our students to discover and overcome the intellectual, cultural, and linguistic differences. In this perspective, ILCS has an international network through developing several prestigious partnerships around the world.

From the US to many European countries, here is where you can go:

  • NHL University of Applied Sciences in Leuwarden, Holland
  • National University of Maynooth, Ireland
  • ESJ Paris, Paris, France
  • Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
  • Hanze University, Groningen, Holland
  • Windsheim University, Zwolle,  Holland
  • Inholland Hogeschool, Alkmar/Amsterdam Holland
  • Rotterdam University, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Maynooth University, Irlande
  • UVIC, Université Centrale de Catalogne
  • Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, United States
  • University Mohamed V, Morocco
  • Virginia State University, United States
  • Brigham Young University, United States
  • Ashesi university, Ghana