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ILCS Staff & Faculty


The success of the ILCS is not only due to  its quality of teaching, but also to its employees. Our team is consisted of specialists in their fields, with emerging leadership skills.
Our team, dynamic and dedicated, is looking over time to build a trusting relationship with students, parents, teachers and all involved stakeholders, in order to meet and even exceed their expectations.

  • Mrs. Lemtouni Aicha – Pedagogical President
  • M. Benhallam Amine – General Director
  • Mme Slaoui Asmaâ – Academic Director
  • Mlle Bahi Meryem – Recruitment Manager
  • Mme El Aatiki Halima – Accounting & HR Manager
  • M. Mouaqit Mustapha – Study Abroad Coordinators


Because excellence in higher education is based on the quality of its faculty, ILCS strives to recruit the best professors.

Academic excellence, professionalism, international methodologies, and creativity; these are 4 key words that characterize the faculty of ILCS.

The strength of ILCS is based on the quality of education provided by professors recognized nationally and internationally, professors who are performing in prestigious universities and national schools as well as professionals in the various sectors that we provide.

Our faculty has a constant concern that is related to the academic excellence and Progress thanks to practice, for both, students and businesses.

Some testimonials from teachers of ILCS

  • The best way to describe ILCS is its quality and practical programs that prepare future professionals to contribute to the development of society. At ILCS there is asense of community, camaraderie and leadership, which everyone contributes toand the results have been staggering throughout the years. Perhaps it’s your turn to become part of this wonderful experience!

    Mohamed Jalal MOUTI
  • ILCS is a big family where it feels good. It is a multicultural family where we meet to share our knowledge and especially our desire to learn from each other. A team who is always listening and available, a highly professional education and open to trends and demands of the job market, a motivating atmosphere that makes of ILCS a place for training responsible citizens and professionals, ready to confront their professional lives.

    Mrs. Alessia PICARDI
  • ILCS est une grande famille où on se sent bien. C’est une famille multiculturelle où nous nous retrouvons pour partager nos connaissances et surtout notre envie d’apprendre l’un de l’autre. Une équipe toujours à l’écoute et disponible, des enseignements hautement professionnels et ouverts aux tendances et aux demandes du marché du travail, une ambiance motivante font de ILCS un lieu de formation de citoyens et de professionnels responsables, prêts à se confronter à leur vie professionnelle.

    Mrs. Myriam EZZAKHRAJY